Saturday, 4 June 2011

British Queen's Birthday Celebration In Rio

Went to one of those peculiar ex-pat events today that I love to hate but secretly adore for their weird comedy value.  It was a tea-time celebration of the Queen's birthday hosted by the British Commonwealth Society of Rio de Janeiro, held in the hall at The British School.

Flat fluorescent lighting; Lots of old folks; The palest looking group of people I've ever seen in Rio; Patriotic balloons and union jacks; A vicar; A pianist;  Cups of tea; Scones with jam and cream;  Children in fancy dress (Little Dove won the prize in her Queen's Guard pyjamas); A faulty public address system; A raffle; Warm pro-seco; The National Anthem.  You get the picture.  It was like walking onto the set of a wartime sitcom. 

It was the first time the BSC had held this event for families, in an attempt to attract a 'younger' membership.  Here's a picture of the cake.  Love the unintentionally cool 'you majesty'.  They put the cake on the stage, where two seconds later a toddler dressed as Batman trod on it. 


  1. Wait. Was the cake one of those "fake cakes" where they cover a plastic cake shape in frosting? Because that would really top off the visual.

  2. Hi Tasha! Do you follow Jim's blog? The husfriend and I are going to Rio, so Jim and I are planning a blogger meetup on July 16th. I hope you can make it! I'd love to meet you!

  3. Awesome! I love that there are still people who attend "tea for the queen" without intending to be ironic or looking for comedy material. The fact that the cake is misspelled and got stepped on makes the event just more fabulous.

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  6. Great! i also enjoyed travelling there. Rio is free entertainment nightly place and have a very nice casino environment with late night parties. I think it is the best place to celebrate birthday.

  7. I love your photos in this post! Queens celebaration has been near the top of my list to do for a long, long time and you’ve just reinspired me!

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