Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sunday Snap - Holy Guarana

Spotted at the Feira de São Cristóvão, Jesus' own brand of Guaraná - so that was his secret!  Guaraná is a perfumed, sweet fizzy drink made from the Guaraná plant, a natural stimulant which is indigenous to Brazil.  The drink is hugely popular here, normally under the Antartica brand, but the Jesus brand is owned by soda Gods Coca Cola.  Have a happy Sunday!


  1. YOu guys were there too? We went there today! You'll see in tomorrow's blog post ;)

  2. Just some pieces of info on Guaraná Jesus

    - It is a huge success in Maranhão state, where it's been created.
    - Its name comes from the chemical engineer who developed it, not from the big bearded hippie guy from Palestine.
    - It's only been bought by Coca-Cola because its enormous success was troubling Coke sales in Maranhão. Same thing happened to all 'tubaínas' -- cheap sodas -- in Brazil in the 90s.
    - It may actually not contain any guaraná at all. It is pink and tastes like a watered-down Red Bull (or even worse).