Sunday, 8 May 2011

Happy Mummy Day in Brazil

Proud Bump

I bought a doll for Little Dove the other day, from a craft shop in Santa Theresa.  Well, I think it was really more for me than for her.  I haven't even shown it to her if the truth be known, even though I know she would adore it. What type of mother does that make me?  Probably not one worthy of a commemorative day!

This doll was apparently created to educate under-privileged mothers about childbirth and breast-feeding, but I think we over-privileged ones can learn something too.  When I'm losing my head at bath time, freaking out over the splashing, dunking and near-drowning, I can look at her calm expression - even while she births a baby - for inspiration.

Serenity.  That's what I wish for you this mothers' day.

Here Comes Baby

If only we had poppers not nipples...

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