Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Inaugural Post!

As the old adage goes: If you can't write that book, then write a blog. So here goes...

With four years under my belt, I may not be a total newcomer to Brazil, but I am still struck every day by wonderful and weird things I see. I'll do my best to share those here.

However, my perspective isn't that of the tourist or the ex-pat. I am neither. I have a Brazilian husband and two Brazilian children. I may be here for some time, possibly forever. Chances are that my grandchildren won't have British passports or speak English as their first language.

My curiosity about Brazilian culture is driven by my own need to 'belong'. Somewhere. Why not Brazil? As I try to figure out everything about this country and its people, culture, geography, politics, economy and more - this blog can serve as my exploration notebook.

I already qualify to acquire citizenship, but even if I do understand everything about Brazil , can I ever really hope to 'Become Brazilian?'


  1. Hard to know. I feel quite the same. I'm from Rio and have lived in Germany for over 5 years because of my German husband. What I know is that the citizenship doesn't really change anything. I really wonder if one day I'll feel at least a bit as a German. I also have a blog and if you're interested, here you are: nataliaindeutschland@wordpress.com

  2. It is all up to you. I live for more than 10 years in Holland and I do not feel myself Dutch. You couldn't really consider me Brazilian when I was living there either. So I think I have embraced some Dutch traits and kept some Brazilian ones. All the best to you !